Hello my fellow knitters.  I am very disappointed to inform you all that I have been the victim of a shoplifter!!  “So what” I hear you say, “lots of people lose things to thieves everyday”, which is of course true.  But the garment that was stolen some time this week was a very expensive 100% Hand knit Merino wool in a very distinctive colour.  It was a beautiful shade of purple with a lime green trim and was originally knit for my granddaughter but, by the time I had it finished (due to knitting things for other customers) it was too small so I put it up for sale in the shop.  I was only asking the price of the wool which was £29.50.  No charge for all the love that was knit into it.  It was a 1 year old size and quite a plain pattern with a sort of ridge every inch or so running vertical2014-05-03 16.16.07.

This is pretty close to the colour but possible a bit deeper.

If anyone in the Belleek or surrounding area is offered this garment for sale please let me know where and when as this is the sort of thing that puts small business OUT of business.  Either that or the price of everything else increases to compensate for losses and no one wants that!