Dolls House

 Dolls Houses

All children love toys and some of us never really grow up. I never really grew up and my interest in miniatures and in particular dolls houses, came to a head about 19 years ago when I took a notion to go to night school and have some woodwork classes, with a view to making my own “dolls house”.

Of course this wasn’t to be quite as straightforward as it sounds. Having never even held a screwdriver I was surprised just how difficult it was. This was not helped by the fact that when I arrived on the second week the “teacher” had every finger on his right hand bandaged up after having a disagreement with his band saw!! Needless to say, after the 10 week course all I had done was cut out 7 pieces of wood with holes for 3 windows. Time to recruit “DAD”. This was the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life and he has since made on average one a year for my collection.