Want to quit smoking?

cutting up cigarettesIt’s that time of year when we all want to lose a bit of weight and get healthy…..

Well here’s an idea for you.  I can’t help with your diet and I can’t make you go out and exercise but I can help you to quit smoking.

Take up crochet!!  Your mind will be full of stitches and creativity that you will have no time to think of cigarettes.  I myself was a smoker so I know all about the cravings and difficulties that come with giving up.  I also know how important it is to have a distraction and I think crochet is a perfect one.  It is easy to learn, quick and totally addictive.  So replace one addiction with another that is a far healthier and cheaper.

Go and visit your local wool shop or community centre and see if they run classes or groups and be brave and enrol.  Pick a yarn, choose a colour, buy a hook and let the fun begin!  You could make some coloured squares and join them together to make a blanket or you could be very adventurous and make a hat for yourself or a loved one.  Whatever you choose ……


Before you know where you are the cigarettes will be a thing of the past (unless you make one of these http://dearbitsyetsy.tumblr.com/post/24153868428/crocheted-cigarettes-and-lighter) and you will be surrounded by beautiful things all made by YOU!