Odds & Ends Cardigan

Good morning everyone.

I am sure you are enjoying the good weather and spending lots of time outdoors.  But for some people it is actually TOO hot and I am sure those people would like something to do indoors that is not too strenuous, and I think I have the perfect project for you.

Remember the odds and ends blanket?  Well this is the odds and ends cardigan.  I chose a plain DK cardigan pattern and made up the stripes as I knitted the back, then followed this same sequence for the front and sleeves.  When I ran out of a colour I just omitted it and I think the result is rather striking.  It is age 3-4, and all Double Knitting yarn.  I chose to do a wavy edge but if it was for a boy you could do a plain edge and maybe choose a blue colour for your main.

2013-07-16 11.25.42 HDR

Double knit Odds & Ends Cardigan

If you have remnants of Aran weight or chunky then just choose a plain pattern in the correct wool weight.