Heart Cushions

Hello all you knitters.  We have just completed our first box of heart cushions and they are ready for delivery to Belfast.  At the same time we have completed about 100 little hats for the Big Knit Campaign for Help the Aged.  Anyone wanting details of this campaign can contact their local Help the Aged group and register.  The little hats are sold on top of the little smoothie bottles from Sainsburys and money is donated for every one sold.  Another worthwhile cause.  The more people that can be helped to remain in their own home during their twilight years the better.  The elderly are getting a raw deal from the government at the moment if they have to be moved into a home and hopefully one day we will all be old.

Latest Charity Knit

Hello all you charity knitters.  We are currently knitting cushions for all Heart Patients.  When you have open heart surgery the breast bone is cut and can take up to six months to heal, so we are knitting a cushion that serves several purposes. 

1.  You can hold it up to your chest when you need to cough and it gives you some support.

2.  When you are out of hospital you can wear it between yourself and the seatbelt of the car for comfort and….

3.  Last but not least it is just something to cuddle when you are feeling a bit blue.

Every year in Belfast they perfom 1000 open heart operations and 100 of those are children so if you would like to contribute we need cushions that are about the size of an A4 sheet of paper and can be knit, crocheted or sewn.  Any colour and any design.  Plain or fancy just let your imagination run wild. 

Thanks again all my knitters out there x